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When laptops introduce in computer market, everyone wanted one of these small portable device for computing. Islamabad is a capital of Pakistan and whenever any brand launches latest model of laptop in Islamabad Laptops market people of this city already eagerly wait to get latest one. Islamabad has a huge Laptop markets where we can find all models of any brand easily form numbers of markets in Islamabad. Overall electronic market especially Laptops huge strength of people demands Laptops all time.

One of the benefits of using laptop is the hardware included on the product. Laptops come with full keyboards, large screens and high screen resolution HD LCD. Keyboard is soft, smooth and fast typing like touch system these all makes it effortless for user. The screen size is larger for, browsing the web, even enjoying entertaining events and then viewing your videos and photos. Laptops are more durable and long lasting than portable devices like tablets and you do not worry about scratching or damaging the screen display.

However, Laptops remained a bit bigger than other moveable devices always, laptops were especially designed in portable shape first after that other devices followed laptop’s idea. Mostly laptops weigh are in between 3 to 9 pounds which light weight considerable. Laptop become much advance, powerful and faster now a days these are much expensive but people ignore the price they just want to purchase it any cost, because user of Islamabad are mostly educated they want to do almost everything from computer for sharing ideas, study, business and entertainment also.

Through the advance technology use of the Laptops has been common worldwide because now it become a basic need of everyone. We cannot use laptop for single purpose, laptop although a bit expensive than desktop computer but demand for laptops is rising day by day as compare to PC Desktops.

14/04/14 HP probook 5330m 2.5 GHz4 Gb640 Gb13.3 TFT Islamabad 40000
08/04/14 HP Pavilion g4 2.3 GHz3 GB320 GB- Islamabad 22000
03/04/14 Dell Alienware m15x core i7 2.67ghz8GB500GB15.6" WLED 1080p display Islamabad 75000
27/03/14 Dell Laptop D430 Core2do 1.2 GHz1 GB60 GB- Islamabad 11000
22/03/14 Acer Aspire V5-122P A4-1250 1 GHz6 GB500 GB- Islamabad 48000
22/03/14 Lenovo T420s Laptop 2.5 GHz4 GB DDR3320 GB 14" Islamabad 52000
11/03/14 Acer m5 5801 i56 GB500 GB15.6 Islamabad 50000
11/03/14 Acer m5 5801 i56 GB500 GB15.6 Islamabad 50000
11/03/14 HP 15 *Brand New* at Amazing Pric i34 GB500 GB15.6 Islamabad 44000
11/03/14 Dell Dell 3521 i34 GB500GB15.6 Islamabad 42000
25/02/14 Dell E6410 Core i5 2.53 GHz2 GB160 GB14.1" Islamabad 28000
25/02/14 Apple MacBook 2.40 GHz4 GB128 GBSSD13.3" Islamabad 141999
25/02/14 Samsung UltraBook NP540U 1.8 GHz4 GB500 G15.6" Islamabad 54999
25/02/14 HP ProBook 2.8 Ghz4 GB320 GB15.6" Islamabad 24500
25/02/14 HP Elitebook P6930 2.27 GHz2 GB160/250 GB14.1" Islamabad 23500
21/02/14 Dell XPS M1530 Intel core2duo CPU T8300 @ 2.44 GB160 GB15.4-inch WXGA Islamabad 28000
19/02/14 Dell Lattitute D410 Laptop 1.8 GHz2 GB80 GB11.1" Islamabad 15500
14/02/14 HP Probook 4540s Core i7 2.2 GHz8 GB750 GB15.6" LED Islamabad 68000
11/02/14 HP 6530b 2.53GHz2GB16014" Islamabad 25000
11/02/14 HP 6530b 2.53GHz2GB16014" Islamabad 25000
05/02/14 Dell inspiron N4050 2.10 *22 GB ddr3312 GB14" LED display Islamabad 25000
05/02/14 Dell inspiron N4050 2.102 gb DDR3312 GB14" LED display Islamabad 29000
03/02/14 Apple Macbook a1181 1.83 GHz2 GB160 GB14.1" Islamabad 25000
20/01/14 Lenovo t410 2.4 ghz4 gb250 gb 15.6" Islamabad 32000
20/01/14 Dell Inspiron 3521-Ci5 1.7 GHz4GB500G15.6 Inches Islamabad 56999

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