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Why the MacBook Air Is the Best Laptop You Can Buy

Published On 26-November-2014

Though there are a large number of strong laptop rivalries out there, in all forms, sizes as well as prices, the MacBook Air 13 inches contains each everything that an exceptional notebook must contain. It’s all because Apple provides closer-perfect combination of design, comfort, performance as well as resolution. It’s now available at affordable price of almost $999.

The 13 inches MacBook Air also creates an exceptional gift, particularly if the individual on your list already have its own iPhone. The latest hand-off feature in OS X Yosemite creates it easy to make and attend the calls exact from your Mac.

Design without equal

A large number of laptop manufacturers have tried to copy the aluminum unibody design of the MacBook Air, however none of them has bit matched the combination of strong construction quality and hand held capability of Apple.

The reason behind the fact that why many people give preference to the13 inches Air to the 11 inches model rather than the additional display screen real estate is that the greater version provides an SD card slot on the right. This is one of the main facilities for people who like to transfer the images from their cameras. Or else, you will be able to find two USB 3.0 ports as well as a Thunderbolt port for higher-speed peripherals.

The screen resolution of MacBook Air which is almost 1400 x 900-pixel is not enough sharp like few Windows-powered Ultrabooks or the own 13 inches MacBook Pro along with Retina display (2560 x 1600pixels) of Apple however it is enough bright and provides an extensive range of viewing angles.

Unbeatable keyboard and touchpad combo

It is not quite easy to squash a comfortable keyboard into a laptop accompanied by the 0.68 inches profile; however Apple continues to surpass the rivalry. The outline is airy and consistently backlit, as well as it is very easy to type through this keyboard for a longer period of time. There is not even a clue of contract or stretch here.  The touch pad of the Air endures to be second to none. The click action gives the solid feel and Windows adapts can click down along with the two fingers to make a right-click-like reaction.

Crazy-long battery life

If you are in a domestic flight, consecutively running from meeting to meeting or have an entire day classes, the 13 inches MacBook Air contains all the staying power that you require and a bit more as well. The battery life of this device lasts for almost 12 hours and 20 minutes while the other normal handheld devices lasts for almost 8 hours.

Not just fast, but responsive

For the beginning cost of almost $999, the MacBook Air 13 inches contains 1.4-GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM along with 128GB of zippy flash storage. This blend of components adds almost a system that is always ready to fulfill the requirements of the consumer.

A webcam that’s really good

It is also nice to know that Air’s FaceTime camera provides an exceptional picture as compared to the most Windows laptops. Expect warm as well as precise colors without the usual fluffiness that plagues other webcams of the system. It is also very easy to chat with the friends as well as colleagues over FaceTime if they have an iPhone or iPad as well.

Software that doesn’t get in your way

If you are nervous about dropping Windows for OS X, then we can tell you that swapping is quite easier than you might think. Obviously, the Mac desktop environment feels more instinctive in various ways as compared to the split personalities of windows 8.

Operating System X has gotten better along with Yosemite, particularly for those individuals who own iOS devices. For instance, you can begin an email on your iPhone or on the iPad, and then pick up the accurate where you left off on the Mac. You can even text as well as make calls from the Air. Apple also finally provides a better cloud storage solution along with iCloud Drive, however you will be probably keep using the Dropbox.

MacBook Air vs. Windows Competition

There are a large number of marvelous substitutes to the MacBook Air that comprises of the Windows 8 modelsalong with the integrated touch screens. For example, the HP Spectre 13 Ultrabook (pricing at $999) that supports a sharper QHD screen as well as an exceptional ultrawide touchpad. Though, the battery of that notebook lasted round about 3 hours on a single charge. If you are searching for a business-focused laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s is another marvelous choice for you; beginning price at $949, it brags a solid design, best-in-class keyboard as well as fanciful battery life.

MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

Eventually, the biggest rival of the MacBook Air is the MacBook Pro 13 inches along with Retina display screen. However, it priced at almost $300 more, the Pro provides a richer as well as higher-resolution screen and more horsepower, politeness of a faster 2.4-GHz Core i5 processor. Though, the MacBook Pro is also weightier as well as thicker, and moreover it gives the battery life of almost 9.5 hours.

Final Verdict:

All the appreciations goes to its astral and elegant design, superior touchpad, swift performance  as well as whole day battery life, the 13 inches MacBook Air is the best of all the rounded laptops money that the consumer can purchase. 

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