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HP Slatebook Review

Published On 21-November-2014

Like one of the largest manufacturers of personal computers, HP is a leader when it comes to the production of large scale. HP had lately entered into the market of mobile, with Palm’s WebOS operating system, however after divesting themselves of this past, they have jumped into Android along with their both feet, manufacturing a range of Android tablets in rapid succession, as well as moved into phones in few markets.

Like a market leader in the industry of PCs, the tablet and mobile phone market is in fact just the beginning of HP. Formerly HP has played with Android on different form-factors, exposing the HP Slate 21 formerly this year and then following up with an announcement made on April of an Android based laptop named as the Slatebook 14.

Android laptops have been longing for a longer period of time; they have so far been fairly inexpensive affairs from Chinese producers and usually been sans Play Store. This time around, Google has apparently blessing the Slatebook 14, by permitting the device to come already installed with the Google Play store as well as the general array of Google apps.

Along with the latest form-factor to discover from a top tier manufacturer of personal computer, it seems that Google has seen a chance to experiment with Android on diverse form factors; thus, how good is Android on a laptop and could it create a depression in the emergent Chrome Operating System market, which Google as well as HP are discovering all together?


Undoubtedly the hardware design on the HP Slatebook 14 is quite good. It is an outmoded clam-shell laptop design which HP has constructed by using plastic, thus you will find the weight of laptop quite light. Even enchanting into interpretation the keyboards as well as the display screen, the Slatebook 14 still accomplishes to measure it at only 1.6cm thinness.

As the name implies, the Slatebook 14 comes with a display screen of almost 14 inches. The panel is a multi-touch BrightView WLED-backlit panel having the resolution 1920×1080; with a HP TrueVision HD Webcam that has been placed at the top of the display.

The Slatebook 14 is also a quite decent dynamo, containing a processor which HP has used formerly on their Slate 21 desktop. This device is powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 processor that might be clocked at 1.8 Ghz along with 2GB of RAM.

Build Quality

HP has done an excellent job with the Slatebook 14, with such a thin as well as a light weight device, you would expect to have a fairly delicate unit, but it is absolutely not. There is very small, if any flex in the device, no squeaking or anything to make you worried a little when picking it up as well as moving with it.

Battery life

The battery life of HP slatebook is very reliable and moreover HP has promises to give the battery life of almost 9 hours. It’s someplace round about their depending on what the consumer is doing and how bright he wants the display screen.


The HP slatebook comes along with the usual array of connections Bluetooth, Wifi and microSD card – even GPS. GPS was slow to padlock onto settlements, it’s comprehensible that GPS performance would be inexpensive, it’s essentially a laptop after all, but it’s disappointing.

Accompanied by the Tegra 4 processor as well as 2GB of RAM the Slatebook 14 lashes through Android easily. There is a very small, if any lag on the home screen or in the app drawer; app load times are fairly fast. Generally, it is not something for which the consumer is really going to worried about, the switching of app is also very fast.


There is always an issue commencement work on a brand new form factor. Google now for some time had been using the keyboard like a crucial factor as to what expedients will, or it will not legitimately run Android.

Along with the combination of touch-screen and the format of keyboard, Android displays it can indeed scale up to the format of laptop. HP has also completed moves in this direction together with the Slate 21, which in our first review showed promise.

Whereas it displays the promise on cursory use, Android is not as useful like a desktop operating system as say Chrome Operating System, or even Windows or a Mac when it comes to utilize the device for an expandable period of time. At its core, it is principally a 14 inches Tablet and we have been searching for years for enhancements to Androids large screen tablet contributions.

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