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HP Envy 15 x360 review

Published On 31-October-2014

Some years ago, the HP Envy brand was utilized to describe only the best that the laptop world had to present to the consumers. From the year 2012, HP is presenting really an excellent Windows alternative to the MacBook Pro. However, it fell just as rapidly as it soared.

The price of HP Envy w360 begins from $679, this Envy is undoubtedly an affordable model, instead of an ultra-premium device. The base model, encumbered along with an old-fashioned 1366×768 display, which is just unattractive.

The other speciation’s of the device doesn’t come with any surprise; there is a Core i5-4210U dual-core CPU, a 500GB hard drives along with the solid state cache, as well as 8GB of RAM whereas the base model comes with a 6GB.

Display, Feel and Appearance:

Basically, HP has given the one exceptional trick to HP x360 which is the turning point of the device. In fact, inspired by Yoga series of Lenovo, this display of the notebook can rotate back till it touches the bottom of the chassis, efficiently transforming the system into a Windows tablet. This device contains the display screen of almost 15 inches, though, creating it the larger as well as heavier as compared to any other presentations of Lenovo. As a result, the experience of the tablet is just lackluster.

On the very first appearance, the x360 is not quite impressive; however, the device is un-offensive. The plastics utilized to make the framework which creates a half-hearted attempt at providing the x360 a metallic appearance. Whereas the effect of the device is not completely convincing, it does bestow a sense of style to the design of laptop.

The touching the system of the device melts any benevolence its aesthetics might encourage. The cheap notebooks infrequently feel strong; however the x360 feels categorical friable at many times. The panels even groan as well as stretch during the routine use, like when opening the cover of the display. These are not basically errant moans either; few of them can be constantly reproduced by opening, closing, or only carrying the system. At one point, some part of the palm-rest even popped out of its mount, and moreover had to be settled back into position place by hand.


In this device, the user will be able to fond three USB ports, two of which are 3.0, together with HDMI, Ethernet, a combo audio jack, and a card reader as well. 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi is standard; however 802.11ac is available at the beginning rate of almost $20 upgrade. Bluetooth is encompassed on all modes. Altogether, this is a strong and sturdy array of ports; however it is not sufficient to offset the poor construction quality of the x360. An optical drive is not a best option either.


The HP Envy x360 also offers a full sized keyboard along with the numeric keypad. Contrasting to the many 15.6-inch competitors, this notebook does not lessen the size of the numeric keypad to make the space for the others and this might results in squeezed up keys across the complete keyboard, most remarkable the Backspace key. Most of the time, we found ourselves continuously pressing the Numeric Lock while we were trying to press the Backspace.

The x360 contains almost all the awful features of low-end laptop display. Bright black levels sap scenes of their complexity, colors appear muted, and spectral details that are visible on better displays fail to highlight.


However, its Beats Audio speakers are quite decent. They never get too loud; they moreover offer the clear, crisp audio, as well as much more powerful to fill a small room with amazing sound. External speakers would be advancement in the device; however few consumers will find the speaker’s ofx360’s speakers to be acceptable.


Moreover the device comes equipped with the Intel Core i5-4200U 1.6GHz dual-core CPU, which is the same processor found in the previous version of the x360. This is more powerful as compared found in adaptable notebooks, as well as it easily offers its worth in the SiSoft Sandra processor arithmetic yardstick.

Battery life:

The battery of the device is good, providing almost 5 hours and 2 minutes of life in the Pacifist Web browsing yardstick. However, it is better as compared to the Travelmate of Acer, which lasts about 15 minutes less than x360, this device is behind the Lenovo Yoga 2 13, the Lenovo Flex 15, as well as inexpensive notebooks such as Acer Aspire E1570.


Though, we can say that the HP Envy x360 is not the best presentation of the company. However, it contains the premium Envy name, there is nothing premium about its design, which appears and gives the feel of an inexpensive device. A lot of the lately reviewed mid-range notebooks, such as the Flex 2 as well as the Acer Aspire E5, either appeared better, feel more long-lasting, or give the both traits.

Obviously, this device of HP contains wild card which is most transformable. There are some systems that are providing the features of tablet as well as a powerful processor priced close most units begins at almost $769 MSRP. Furthermost, such as the Yoga 2 13 inches, are quite smaller.

However, any benefit that the x360 might have gained from this exceptional feature is contradicted by its heaviness.  A 15 inches device having the weight of almost 5.2 pounds is much heavy for enjoyable tablet use. 

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