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Fujitsu Lifebook T904 Review

Published On 17-November-2014

 Windows 8 might not be the plunge in the history books like the most successful operating system of all the time, however much of the maligned effort of Microsoft can at least be ascribed along with assisting to popularize two in one designs that associate the laptop and tablet-style functionality.

The fame of the convertibles has not been extent to the space of the customer, and Fujitsu has returned along with its second enterprise-focused convertible, the Lifebook T904 Ultrabook. The T904 stands out thanks to a twisting mechanism that enables the display to rotate 180 degrees as well as fold over behind the keyboard which allows the user to use it like a tablet.

The device succeeds the Lifebook T902, which contains the same revolving the device however sported a modular bay design usual of the Lifebook series of the company that enables the consumers to swap out the modules from successions to visual drives or weight the saving modules on the way.

The T904 shelters the module bay, which permits the Fujitsu to refine its design and to make it sleek as compared to its predecessor, along with a flatter, squarer built as well as a larger clickpad.

Lenovo’s slightly more reasonable ThinkPad Yoga actions similar to the appropriate comparison point appreciations for its display that can flip to 360 degrees to double up just similar to the tablet. That series tops out at £1,079 (round about the $1,723 or AUS$1,962) for the Core i5 model accompanied by the 500GB SSD (other models in the series cost much less however come along with the weaker Core i3 CPU of intel).

Design and specifications:

The main series configuration which contain the Intel Core i5 Haswell CPU and 128GB SSD is selling for £1,299 (round about $2,074 or AUS$2,367). That might rises to almost £1,699 (round about $2,655 or AUS$3,014) for the decked out top-end version along with an Intel Core i7 CPU, 512GB SSD.

Away from all these, the T904 is instantly recognizable like a member of the Lifebook family of Fujitsu’s. Festooned in brushed-metal silver finishing, a black matte strip completes the back side of the casing, offering it a classy as well as inconspicuous two-tone appearance.

The thickness of the device is almost 17.1mm, which quite chunky as compared to customer-focused Ultrabooks however is still highly handheld having a measurement of almost 2.2mm thinner as compared to the Yoga. At 1.49Kg the weight is quite light for an Ultrabook along with 2-in-1 design.

The 13.3 inches display screen of the T904 WQHD display having the resolution of almost 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is an exceptional selection for its size. Text and menu labels are straightforwardly readable at Windows 8.1 default 100 percent magnification setting, which means that you would not have to jumble round about together with the scaling choices to get multiple applications to display correctly.

Necessary for the device that converts into different places, the T904 contains a bright as well as clear IPS display accompanied by the exceptional vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

As mentioned earlier, the display is combined along with the base through a rotating apparatus that permits the display to rotate 180 degrees. This can be performed by dismal a release button which has been placed centrally above the keys of the keyboard, which provides only the accurate level of resistance. First of all, the action felt unwarranted, like whether the display could snap off if so much compression was smeared on that.


The T904 is the device that can be configured along with the number of Intel Core-series CPUs, that might ranges from Intel’s i5-4200U (3 MB cache, 1.6GHz turbo increase to 2.6GHz) right directly to the way Core i7-4600U (4MB cache, 2.1GHz turbo increases to 3.3GHz).

The performance is assisted by the nippy 128GB SSD, which certifies that the machine start up and shuts down in only ten seconds. Document warriors will be content to learn that the keyboard of the T904 is up to the job of prolonged writing sessions. This device is accompanied by a pleasingly responsive as well as very roomy clickpad.


For business consumers searching looking for a (quite accurately) flexible convertible, the T904 is a basically a smartly designed convertible Ultrabook that has been sturdly made, owns a fine display as well as more performance power to perform the daily tasks. It sports a weighty price tag, however for enterprises consumers who would get advantage from the 2-in-1 form factor and would get the benefit its wide communication features; there are many more things to like.

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