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Dell XPS 13 review 2015

Published On 26-February-2015

If you are seeking to buy a powerful, handheld and attractive laptop, then Dell XPS 13 (beginning at $799, £520 or AU$980) is one of the best choices for you. The laptop consists of a slim design, a lightweight framework as well as an innovative display that will force the producers to think again how they construct the laptops.

However, the XPS 13 deserves to be mention in the conversation of best utra-books, the latest version of Dell has numerous well-intentioned contenders.


The XPS 13 is constructed with a silver-colored, machined aluminum outside that is quite similar to the MacBook Air in luster and sturdiness. This is an exceptional material that, after one week of testing, displays no fingerprints, smears or scratches.

Dell constructed the palm rest and the casing of backlit chiclet keyboard in an exquisite carbon fiber complex that gives delightful experience when user touches it. Contrasting to some laptops, whose palm rest is constructed along with the similar material like plastic or aluminum outside of the device?

To 'Infinity' and beyond

The actual phenomenon of the XPS 13 is its ratio of screen-to-panel. Both the quad HD+ touchscreen version ($1,299, £852, AU$1,605), and the lower-end full HD version contains edge-to-edge displays. If you buy this laptop, then you are getting the real estate display screen of a 13.3 inches (338mm) laptop on an 11.9 inches (304mm) device.

Dell was able to provide a display screen that shelters 80% of the panel (11 percent more screen real estate as compared to the 13 inches MacBook Air). Similar to the MacBook, most of the other laptops are constructed along with about an inch of border round about the monitor.

The quad HD+ version of the XPS 13 contains a pixel resolution of almost 3200 x 1800 into a small laptop. Most of the 13 inches laptops in the category of Ultrabook do not go away from full High Definition resolution (1920 x 1080), and hence the additional pixels put the XPS 13 on par along with the administrating 13 inches Ultra-book resolution champions: the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and also the Samsung Ativ Book 9.

What you'll see

Over and above the enhanced performance of pixels, the XPS 13 does not provide a ton of shimmer. The same procedure is with the viewing angles. You could seat 4 individuals side-by-side-by-side-by-side from almost 3 feet away from the XPS 13 without misplacing any imagery accompanied by the corners of the display screen. There are just two weaknesses to the XPS 13's exceptional display screen and Infinity design.

First of all, to clean out the space accompanied by the upper corner of the front panel, Dell had to locate the webcam on the lower edge of the left hand side of the bezel (as disparate to the center of the uppermost corner of the right panel).

Secondly, the consumer who has young children, or for any person who pushes their devices, the XPS 13 is not constructed to be grab from the uppermost edges of panel.  Some of the latest education-focused laptops have constructed the upper most edges of the front panel stronger; hence the consumer can grab it easily and go in any manner you want to go. The Dell XPS 13 is basically not one of these devices. You will need to grab it underneath the base along with your palm or together with the palm rest with your fingers.

You can take this device anywhere

The XPS 13 does not just provide less space together with its borders; actually it is less expansive in general. The device is just 0.6 inches (15mm) tall, almost 11.98 inches wide, while 7.88 (200mm) long. If you are comparing this device with some other slimmer and smaller versions that are presently available, then it is one inch shallower and 0.17 inches shorter as compared to the Yoga 3 Pro. The laptop is only less than one inch sleek and one inch narrower as compared to the Asus Zenbook.

The XPS 13 is one of the lightest devices that are available in the market today. The standard, full high definition device have weight of almost 2.6 pounds (1.17kg), whereas the quad high definition version weighs is just more at 2.8 pounds (1.27). To give some perception, the weight of Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 2.62 pounds, the 13 inch Asus Zenbook weighs 2.65 pounds while the 13 inches MacBook Air weight is almost 2.69 pounds.

Obviously, it is no rivalry for would be champion, the Lenovo La Vie Z (starting at $1,299, £852 or AU$1,605), which just have a weight of 1.72 pounds (0.78kg) when it was exposed in last year (May).

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