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Acer Aspire R13 Review

Published On 07-May-2015

 Since last few years we have seen many trials (as well as failures) at joining the power of a laptop along with the handheld ability of a tablet. Known as “convertible” laptops, a lot of the items exposed in this field have been a miscellaneous bag. In spite of the strong and good specifications, Toshiba’s Satellite Radius grieved from a heavier design whereas the lighter Lenovo Yoga Pro grieved from weak CPU and GPU performance as well.

The Acer R13, exposed round about the turn of this year, sees to correct some of those unusual design selections whereas adaptation how the display links to the computer.

Slim and Solid:

The first and most important thing that we notice about the Acer R13 is its odd display. Smaller as compared to the keyboard by nearly half an inch on every side, the top of the display just seems as if it was missing a bezel piece at the very first appearance.

Far-off from broken, the display of the Acer R-13 disproportion is because of its unique hinge system. An auxiliary arm runs up every side of the display, where it reels at the center. Along with these two main points of supporting contact, the display instantly felt more solid as compared to the most convertible laptops. The fulcrum has a heavy swivel and makes an audible ‘thunk’ while snapping closed.

The Acer R13 is shiny. The top of the device, which is surfaced along with the Gorilla Glass, is virtually as reflective as the front of the display screen. It shelters the fingerprints sensibly well; however, there were a lot of marks to wipe off after one week of usage. The shiny finishing appears an odd choice for a machine constructed to be handled continuously.

Modest connectivity

The R7 does not provide any amazement on the front of connectivity.  An SD card reader as well as the USB 2.0 port places on the right side of the device, whereas a headphone jack along with the two USB 3.0 ports is placed on the left side. An HDMI port is also included on the left side; however you will have to do without Ethernet or the access of optical drives.


Absence of the Ethernet is a sad side, because it should have permitted better support for the R13’s High Definition (1280×720) webcam. Wireless works good for most of the tasks, however high definition teleconferencing is not inevitably one of them. At least the Acer R13 provides the newest 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Tap, touch, and click

Though some of us at Digital Trends take a shine to the R7’s touchpad placement, it places just above the keyboard was splitting. The Acer R13 places the touchpad back below the keyboard, where it is normally found on most of the keyboards. Presently, the display doesn’t avoid one from using the touchpad when in Ezel mode.

Initially the cover is a monster of a task, and if the user has big fingers, it is going to feel like demanding to pluck a quarter off of a table.

Dull screen and speakers

Both versions of the Aspire R13 come along with 13.3 inches touchscreen. The more costly model brags 2560 x 1440 resolutions, whereas our $999 version comes along with a 1920 x 1080 panel.

Brightness is also an issue in device. Though the R13 does not features the dimmest display screen that we have ever seen, it ranks below most, and that can make it quite difficult to utilize the shiny panel. Replications were a main issue in brighten rooms, never mind outside.

Image quality is also just normal. The IPS display presented exceptional viewing angles, however the colors and contrast did not jump out as better as compared to the casual. Still the 1080p resolution felt a little uninspiring. It is not quite bad; however it is no longer extraordinary in a $1,000 notebook.

Battery Life

One thing that R13 has on its side is its battery timing. The encompassed 4-cell Li-ion (3220 mAh) battery is not specifically large however along with the 5 hrs and 54 minutes of runtime, it performed very well.


The battery of the device lasts for a reasonable time, however more is always better for heavy work. This external battery can recharge the system though the consumer is away from a power outlet.

Acer’s convertible can become hot during a use for a longer period of time. This cooling pad will keep the temperatures low as well as create the lap use more comfortable.

Cost is also an issue. Acer normally surpasses in this respect, offering the more worth as compared to its competitors, however in this case it is behind the times. A grand is enough to spend on a alterable notebook, as well as this system does not provide anything unique to rationalize its MSRP. The hinge attempts to be an exceptional feature, however it is not that much different from its rivals along with a 360 degree center, and almost similar to the previous Dell XPS 12.

At $the cost of almost $799 the Acer R13 might be quite competitive, however as it presently stands it is in a tough place. Touchpad aside, nothing regarding the system is extraordinarily bad, though nothing is remarkable excellent, either. It is a middle-of-the-road entry that is just similar to be swept away in the present surge of convertibles that are based on Intel’s new 5th generation Core as well as the Core M processors.

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