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Lenovo B5400 Laptop Review

23 October 2014: It doesn’t matter whether you are a customer or a business user. If you invest in technology, then you are also required to be a bit fast for some next years.

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Lenovo G510 Laptop Review

22 October 2014: The Lenovo G510 is a fairly plain searching laptop while it compared with HP as well as Toshiba models in same range of price, however, the Lenovo overtakes all of them securely.

HP Launch Windows Based Tablets and Laptops

20 October 2014: It seems like that the race in inexpensive range of the Personal computers as well as tablet industry is increasing day by day.

Review Dell Inspiron 15-3521-0620 Notebook

14 October 2014: The retooling of Dell of their Inspiron 15 may sacrifice a little of performance however, it get ended along with a platform that is not only very inexpensive but also provides the benefit over the rivalry.

Acer Aspire S3 Review

13 October 2014: From the time when the MacBook Air has been released, the customers as well as the other manufacturers of notebooks have been hankering after that ultra-slim design.

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